Fernseed Shop FAQs

Can I place an order for same-day delivery?

Same day delivery is subject to availability. If you'd like to place an order for flowers or plants to be delivered today, call our South Tacoma Way shop (253) 302-3788. 

Can I drop my plant off to be repotted?

Yes! We now have our repotting service exclusively at our South Tacoma Way location. At the bottom of this page under the Explore heading you will find a link to our new repotting service policies


Do you hold plants?

Unfortunately we cannot hold plants unless you've purchased them online or by phone. 


Why was my order canceled/refunded?! It said it was in stock!

We are always working to ensure web shop inventory is an accurate reflection of what is truly available. Sometimes plants die, or simply aren’t looking happy enough for us to feel good about mailing them out to you. It's just the nature of working with a fresh product. We would rather refund your order than send a sad plant.


We thank you for your patience and your support!