Vendor Criteria and Application

We're always looking to connect with artists, designers, craftspeople and flower growers interested in selling their products at our shop. We place an emphasis on purchasing products from vendors who are underrepresented in their space, so please feel free to include this information in your submission where applicable.

Fernseed handmade/small batch vendor criteria:

  • Ethically/sustainably manufactured or made by hand

  • Commitment to environmental and sustainable production practices whenever possible

  • Commitment to inclusivity and anti-racism 

  • Shipping and product packaging that emphasizes sustainability and is plastic-free whenever possible

  • Original designs. We are not interested in stocking products that are simply copies of popular products already in the marketplace. When we source products that are produced at scale (versus handmade), we prefer to work with companies that create original designs in-house, who pay for that design work, and who design for utility and durability over novelty.

  • We're committed to stocking products with an emphasis on function and plant health. We avoid trends and the kind of kitsch that's already been co-opted by Target.

  • We believe decorative elements (hand painting, stickers, etc.) should convey an intentional message or artist story, from a culturally-appropriate source.

Fernseed flower grower criteria:

  • Cut flowers and greenery

  • Grown within 400 miles of our shop location in Tacoma

  • We cannot purchase any products that are restricted by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (noxious weeds, invasive species, etc.)

  • We prefer to purchase product that has not been subjected to the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides

Our shop is committed to sourcing product as locally as possible, while avoiding crossover with products available in other local shops. We are aware that handmade products are offered at a higher price point than some of our customers prefer to pay when shopping for utility. Therefore our shop sources some products from companies that mass produce ceramics.

Wherever possible, we have attempted to ascertain where these products are produced, and looked into the ethics, production and labor practices of these businesses. Above all, we do not stock mass-produced products that copy a technique or give the impression that they are handmade or hand finished when they are not.

The only mass produced products we carry are either focused entirely on utility (terra cotta cylinders with no extraneous features or details, for example), or are produced in small batches by companies who design the products in-house, and are careful to partner with manufacturing facilities that prioritize worker health and the health of our planet and their surrounding communities.