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Local gifts, branches and blooms from the Pacific Northwest delievered to their doorstep. Pre-order by November 17 and save.

Seasonal Gifts
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Local flowers
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We source our flowers locally

We're commited to reducing the carbon footprint of the global floral trade. We source 60-90% of our stems from farms within 400 miles of our shop, including backyard micro growers right here in Tacoma.

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Little Women Gardens
Lakewood, WA

Ojeda Farms
Ethel, WA

Jello Mold Farms
Mount Vernon, WA

Wedding flowers

"The flowers made the day."


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Standard Bridal Bouquet

Send an arrangement

"Fernseed is so dependable whenever I need to send flowers."


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Large Floral Centerpiece

Local Flowers, Delivered Locally

"Loved how gorgeous and unique it was."


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Large Wrapped Floral Bouquet

Standard Bridal Bouquet
Large Floral Centerpiece
Large Wrapped Floral Bouquet

Shop locations & hours

Select from a range of live plants, handmade pottery, and other adorable gifts.

2703 N. Proctor St.

Tacoma, WA 98407

Monday - Friday 11am-6pm 

Saturday 10am-6pm      

Sunday 10am-5pm

Shop local flowers at our stem bar, purchase floral arrangements, and find larger plants, pots, and basic terra cotta.

5243 South Tacoma Way

Tacoma, WA 98409

Open daily 11am-5pm

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