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Locally-sourced flowers delivered to your doorstep every month. 

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Fernseed Floral Subscriptions

We source 60-90% of our stems from flower farms in Washington and Oregon. We work with what is in season and locally available, which helps reduce the carbon footprint of the global floral industry. And we never use plastic or toxic floral foam in our arrangements. 

Your subscription helps sustain the local agricultural economy, and bonus: your flowers not only look beautiful, they smell amazing, because local flowers are rarely ever treated with harmful chemical preservatives that deaden aroma.

How It Works

  1. Select your plan

    Decide how many months you’d like your subscription to last.

  2. Choose a Bouquet Size

    Choose from a petite pop of flowers or our standard wrap.

  3. Choose Your Delivery Date

    Your subscription will go out on the same calendar date each month. (Don’t worry, you can always update it later.)

Choose Your Plan

The more you commit, the more you save. Choose the plan that works for you.


From $154

  • You save 5%
  • One delivery per month
  • Includes Tacoma delivery (additional regional fees apply at checkout)
  • 3 months billed up front
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From $292

  • You save 10%
  • One delivery per month
  • Includes Tacoma delivery (additional regional fees apply at checkout)
  • 6 months billed up front


From $413

  • Best deal, you save 15%
  • One delivery per month
  • Includes Tacoma delivery (additional regional fees apply at checkout)
  • 9 months billed up front

Frequently Asked Questions

Fernseed floral subscriptions are now available year-round! Start a subscription any time, and choose any calendar date to start delivery.

If you're gifting a subscription, your first shipment will include a gift card that explains the length of the subscription and when to expect delivery each month, as well as how to contact our team if they need to change something. (Don’t forget to include your own gift note if you want to add one!)

Choose your first delivery date at checkout and your subscription will be scheduled for the same calendar date in each upcoming month. In other words, if you choose the 15th as your first delivery date, deliveries will be scheduled for the 15th every month.

Absolutely. If you or your gift recipient would like to change an upcoming delivery date, email our floral team at floral@thefernseed.com or call our South Tacoma shop at 253-302-3788 during business hours.

You can opt to have a delivery held for you at our South Tacoma location rather than have it delivered, but please note that subscriptions already include the cost of delivery within Tacoma each month, and that cost cannot be refunded in the event you prefer to pick up instead. If you’d like to pick up a single scheduled delivery or all of the bouquets in your subscription, contact our floral team at floral@thefernseed.com and we can make that adjustment for you.

We hope to add that capability later in the year, but for now, the only way to pay for subscriptions is upfront.

No, but we’ll send you a reminder when your subscription is coming to an end, so you can renew if it you choose!

No, it does not! But if you’d like a vase to be included with your first delivery (we find one vase is usually enough—not like you need a new vase each month!), just include a vase from our vase collection in your initial subscription order and we’ll ensure it goes out with the first delivery.

Ugh, sorry about that! Because subscriptions are charged upfront, the app defaults to “expired” language and we can’t change it. But your upcoming deliveries are also visible when you log in. As long as you have upcoming deliveries, your subscription is still active! You can always contact our team if you have questions.

Skipping a delivery is pretty much the same as rescheduling a delivery, so just contact our team and let them know when you’d prefer to receive your next order.

Our bouquets are designer's choice, based on what's local and seasonal. We make a point to not include flowers that are toxic for pets or known allergens, but we can't accommodate requests for color or stem preference. If you have health concerns we should consider, you can add that information in the notes field at checkout.

Please call our South Tacoma shop during business hours or email floral@thefernseed.com to check on the status of your delivery.

It's super easy to change the address on your delivery as long as you're still in the delivery zone included in your original subscription. Call our South Tacoma shop during business hours or email floral@thefernseed.com to make updates

Subscriptions are non-refundable, but we encourage you to get in touch if you're not satisfied so we can make it right. If you're leaving the area, we can transfer your subscription to someone local.