Potting Service

When you buy a plant and pot from us on the same day, we will gladly pot them together for you for a small fee. 
Got a re-potting or plant rehab project you need help with? We offer re-potting for plants or pots brought in from home at our South Tacoma location only. If the shop is busy, we may have trouble providing this service in the moment, so making an appointment is encouraged. 

Potting service prices (20% off is applied with purchase -- so if you are buying the pot and/or plant, the lower price will apply to you and if you are bringing both from home, you can buy something in-store to get the lower price!):

2-inch: $2.50 ($2 with purchase)

4-inch: $5 ($4 with purchase)

6-inch: $10 ($8 with purchase)

8-inch: $15 ($12 with purchase)

10-inch: $20 ($16 with purchase)

Speciality*: $25 ($20 with purchase)

*Includes potting cacti larger than 6-inches, adding a coco pole, really overgrown plants, etc.

Sorry, we cannot re-pot plants in a pot larger than 10 inches in diameter. 

How to make an appointment

To schedule an appointment, call our South Tacoma Way location at (253) 302-3788. If you require accommodations due to hearing impairment, you may request an appointment by emailing hello@thefernseed.com.

Re-potting policies:

We cannot offer to re-pot plants that have pest or fungus issues. 

Re-potting is offered as a design service, not as a guaranteed rehabilitation.

Re-potting prices are subject to staff discretion.

We make every effort to make our re-potting service a delightful experience for all. Re-potting is an add-on service, subject to staff availability and shop capacity, and is not always guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse re-potting service if you're being an asshole about it. (Yep, we said that, and yes, it's happened. On multiple occasions.)

While we aim to re-pot plants while you wait, we may ask that you return at a later time to pick up your plants after re-potting.