Zig Zag Cactus

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The Zig Zac cactus (Epiphyllum anguligar) is a tropical cactus with a unique toothy shaped leaf. It is often known as Ric Rac or Fishbone cactus. Whatever you call it, it is truly cool and looks fantastic in a hanging basket.


Light + temperature

Bright indirect light, some direct sun is OK, but diffuse is better. 65-80°F.

Water requirements

Allow soil to become dry in between watering, but not as long as you would let desert cacti stay dry.


Toxic to pets. Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has ingested this plant.

Care tips

Your zig zag cactus will grow long, cascading fishbone vines. These beautiful vines will grow rapidly in the warmer months, and slower in the wintertime. Cut back on watering your zig zag cactus during the winter when weather tends to be cooler and the soil dries out at a slower rate. Fertilize once or twice yearly, in early springtime and in early summer. 

Common issues

Over-watering can cause your zig zag cactus to become soggy, while under-watering can cause your cactus to shrivel and dry out. We encourage you to strike a nice balance, watering your cactus every 10 days or so. Keep in mind, your zig zag is a tropical cactus, not the desert variety. 

Origin + Shipping

All our plants are grown domestically in the United States in Florida, California, or Hawaii, and comply with all phytosanitary and quarantine regulations.

Plants are expertly packed by our team and shipped in plastic grow pots to ensure the least amount of damage during shipping. Heat packs are automatically included when plants are shipped to cold climates.