Wet Pot Systems: The Self-Watering Pot

Wet Pot Systems: The Self-Watering Pot

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How does it work? This self-watering pot is made of terra cotta, a breathable substance which gives your plants the power to absorb water through their roots. Simply fill the glass basin with filtered water and allow your plant to do the rest. You will never kill another houseplant due to under-watering again! Combining both form and function, the Wet Pot Systems® Self-Watering Pot makes enjoying your houseplants easy.


The magic behind the Wet Pot System isn't really magic at all-- it's science! The way the Wet Pot works is through a phenomenon known as "capillary attraction", where water is drawn into the roots through the porous terra cotta as a result of surface forces. It's essentially what would take place in nature if your plant was to live beside a lovely stream, absorbing moisture through groundwater. 


The Self-Watering Pot is produced with zero chemicals, pesticides, or earth-polluting solvents. 

"We love green indoor spaces, and we treat our planet with respect." - Wet Pot Systems®