Heart Fern

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The Heart fern (also known as heart-leaf fern or Hemionitis arifolia), is a petite fern famous for its adorable leaves, springy stems, and heart-shaped leaves. This plant can be grown in a pot, or in a terrarium.


Light + temperature

Heart ferns prefer bright, indirect light, although they are somewhat low-light tolerant. Keep out of direct sun, although a dappled morning light is fine, especially in the winter.

Maintain indoor temperatures of 60-70° F

Requires humidity, spritz with water daily or keep in a humid environment such as a bathroom or terrarium.

Water requirements

Heart ferns like their soil to dry out a bit between watering. These plants can be tolerant of an underwater; the leaves should spring right back up again if left unwatered for too long a stretch.


Great for pet-loving households, bird's nest ferns are non-toxic.

Care tips

Prune regularly by trimming leggy stems to encourage new growth, if you do so desire.

Common issues

Why does my Heart-leaf fern have brown tips? OR Why does my Heart-leaf fern have fungus gnats flying around its soil?

Not to worry! Just reduce your watering schedule and you shouldn't see any more brown forming on the leaves. You do not have to remove leaves that have brown tips or edges. Fungus gnats (which look like fruit flies) also go away when watering is reduced.

Why is my Heart-leaf fern crispy?

Crispy leaves and stems indicate that your plant needs more water and/or humidity. Try placing your fern in the bathroom, or spray it with some water twice a day. Water about once every 7-10 days.

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