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Succulent Potting Mix

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Our special blend of succulent potting mix is made with three elements: fir bark fines, to soak up and release moisture; pumice, which aids in air circulation; and gravel, which promotes gravitational drainage. The most important thing about these three ingredients is that the particles are all basically the same size, meaning water is absorbed evenly into all parts while draining downward, which helps prevents root rot in your indoor potted succulents. This blend works with all succulent breeds, including cacti.

by Fernseed


Katherine Raz is the owner of Fernseed. After moving to Tacoma, Washington, into a house with amazing natural light, she found her indoor succulents were still dying. When she Googled why, she discovered that 90% of a plant's success has to do with the soil it's potted in. So she set out to make her own soil blend.


This potting mix is great at drainage, so while it's best to use it in a pot with drainage holes, you can use it in decorative vessels that don't allow for easy water drainage and your succulents still won't suffer root rot. 



  • Fir bark fines to soak up and release moisture slowly to nourish the plant root
  • Pumice circulates air and water evenly while maintaining soil structure over time
  • Gravel aids in water circulation and drainage, preventing root rot

This bag contains 1 liter of potting mix


How many plants can I pot with 1 liter of soil?

This bag has enough soil for three standard 4" terra cotta pots.