Straight Sided Pot by SETTLEWELL

Straight Sided Pot by SETTLEWELL

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The Straight Sided Pot by SETTLEWELL is a refreshing, organic take on the classic pot for your houseplant. Each pot is breathable, stackable, and versatile.  The Straight Sided Pot features a heavy, flat base and smooth external texture. These pots are a wonderfully understated and come in a variety of soft, tonal color choices.


Launched in early 2016 by artist Laura Cornman, SETTLEWELL is an exploration in appreciating the many ways that raw concrete can participate in the functional application of fine homewares.

Laura spent years designing her one-of-a-kind concrete casting process. Her method begins with carefully crafting each mold, and then hand-carving the positives. Each straight sided concrete pot is cast individually by Laura with her special concrete mixtures and thoughtfully curated pigment blends. 

Each pot is poured by hand, therefore slight color and gradient irregularities are normal.


Laura's concrete planters are high-quality and feel heavy when held. Her work is seamless, every planter is bubble-free. They make the perfect heartfelt gift, especially when paired with a small plant.


Materials: Concrete

Dimensions: 4.5 " diameter, 4.5 " height

Designed and hand-poured by Laura Cornman, SETTLEWELL owner, artist, designer, and maker.

A multi-disciplinary creative, Laura graduated from Biola University with a BFA in 2010.