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modern scandinavian planter tray

Scandinavian Tray Planter

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Scandinavian-inspired design made with 3D printed bio-plastic, this tray is perfect for shallow tabletop succulent gardenscapes, air plants, or just a place to gather your pocket knick-knacks after a long day at the co-working space. 

The unique ribbed texture of the tray is complimented by the beautiful beech legs that are held in place without any glue or fasteners. The tray's base is a beautiful white and glossy acrylic sheet, also press fit into the tray without fasteners or glue.

by Studio Nilli


Up-and-coming London-based industrial designer Huw Williams was inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian home products when designing his line of beautiful 3D printed desktop planters. Huw is a very recent graduate of the Brunel University Industrial Design course in London. 


Adding these basic beech legs to a 3D printed plastic elevates the design while maintaining the fresh, lightweight look of a new way of making. These planters are extremely lightweight so they're easy to ship and move around the house.


Materials: PLA (bio plastic) and wood (beech)


  • Diameter: 7.68" (195 mm)
  • Height: 1.65" (42 mm)

Printed and finished in London


Do these planters have drainage holes?

No, they don't. You'll want to use a specially blended succulent soil with these and don't overwater your plants when using this planter.