Large Philodendron Monstera in 12-inch Revival Ceramics

Large Philodendron Monstera in 12-inch Revival Ceramics "Twelve" Pot

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A mature, fenestrated, Philodendron monstera deliciosa (split leaf philodendron) in our classic mid-century inspired 12-inch ceramic pot and optional teak stand. A timeless combination that is both beautiful, and easy to care for.

Available for local delivery within ten miles of Tacoma, WA only. No delivery over the bridge at this time.


Also known as the 'split leaf' Philodendron, monstera deliciosa is a stunning tropical plant with large, glossy leaves that develop their trademark splits in maturity.

Temperature: 65°-85°F. Native to Mexico, the monstera deliciosa appreciates humidity. Spray with water a few times each week.

Light: Medium to bright, indirect light. 

Watering: Allow top few inches of soil to dry out between watering. It is better to under-water this plant than to over-water it. Err on the dry side. 


The 12-inch Revival Ceramics "Twelve" is designed and produced by LBE Design, a San Diego-based pottery and home decor company. LBE Design prides themselves on three founding principles: a focus on sustainability, uncompromising quality, and timeless design. All of LBE Design’s ceramic wares are produced in environmentally sustainable facilities, and with socially responsible production practices.

Corresponding teak stand is optional, adding height and drama to this already elevated look. The Revival Ceramics “Twelve” has no drainage hole (see below).


We pot the plant for you using our blend of premium, organic indoor houseplant potting soil, and including a layer of expanded clay pebbles and charcoal at the bottom to promote drainage and reduce the risk of mold. The plant will not require re-potting for 12-24 months, depending on the conditions in your home.

We'll hand deliver your pre-potted plant within our 10-mile delivery radius in Tacoma.

(Sorry, no delivery via ferry or over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.)

Please allow 8-10 days for handling and arranging of delivery. 



13" pot height, 12.6" width

The monstera adds 12-18 inches of height and 18-20 inches of diameter. We recommend purchasing a large Fernseed moss pole with this combo for your monstera to climb on and thrive on.