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powder coated steel plant stand with pink planter

Powder Coated Steel 8" Planter Stand

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The powder coated steel planter stand is minimal, modern, and super sturdy, allowing you to add height to your planters without sacrificing too much floor space. This stand is made from powder coated steel and pairs perfectly with YIELD's 8" planters. 

Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

by YIELD Design


Founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming met while attending California College of the Arts in San Francisco. They started YIELD in 2012 as an independent design and manufacturing studio in Saint Augustine, Florida. Rachel is the lead product designer, creating pieces that are not only beautiful and functional, but ethically and sustainably produced.


YIELD designed their planters and plant stands to perfectly fit together. You can mix and match colors to match your own decor style. 


Materials: Powder coated steel

Dimensions: 5.25" W x 15.5" H

Colors: black, peach, and pale gray

Designed and manufactured in Florida