Expanded Clay Pebbles

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Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) pebbles have a number of uses in growing indoor plants. 

Use them as a top layer for potted plants to inhibit evaporation, or layer at the bottom to promote drainage. Add to potting mix to provide additional help in aeration, water retention, and drainage for low-moisture plants. Or use as a growing medium when propagating plants!

We recommending rinsing clay pebbles before use to remove excess dust. 

Each bag, designed by artist Olga Perelman, contains approximately 14 ounces of clay pebbles, enough to use as a base layer for two to three 4-inch potted plants.

During non-COVID times we offer $5 refills - just bring your empty bag back to the Fernseed retail shop in Tacoma! Refills are currently suspended until Pierce County enters Phase 3.