Pothos NJoy

Pothos NJoy

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The Pothos NJoy is a beautiful trailing plant characterized by small, wavy, papery leaves marked by bright green and white colorations.


Light + temperature

Medium to bright indirect light. Tolerates lower light, but may grow less vigorously.

Temperature: 65 - 85°F

Water requirements

Allow top few inches of soil to dry out in between watering. Mist occasionally.


Toxic to pets.

Care tips

This type of pothos thrives more in bright indirect light, we suggest avoiding low light as the NJoy will not trail as happily in lower light conditions. 

Common issues

Why are the leaves turning brown on my pothos?

Pothos show signs of over watering when the leaves become wilted and brown, trim any brown leaves with a clean pair of scissors and let the plant dry out a bit more in between watering.

Origin + Shipping

All our plants are grown in Florida, California, Canada, or Hawaii, and comply with all phytosanitary and quarantine regulations.

Plants are expertly packed by our team and shipped in plastic grow pots to ensure the least amount of damage during shipping. Heat packs are automatically included when plants are shipped to cold climates.