Plant Along at Home Kit - Build a Hanging Terrarium

Plant Along at Home Kit - Build a Hanging Terrarium

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Plant along with us! Shipped anywhere in the United States, Plant Alongs are a fun and educational activity that will brighten your home and can live for years to come.

This kit contains one oblong glass terrarium vase suitable for hanging, a length of leather cording, activated charcoal, a live fern, and a bag of Fernseed clay pebbles and potting mix. Purchase your kit for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

Once you purchase, we'll follow up with a link to our DIY Plant Along video tutorial so you can plant along at home with help from experienced Fernseed staff!


Each kit includes a small fern. These plants are easy to care for as long as they are kept out of direct sun, and kept moist. The small terrarium you'll build is the perfect environment, as it will create and retain its own moisture.

Your fern may be one of the following varieties:

  • Lemon button fern
  • Jester's crown fern
  • Dallas fern
  • Boston fern
  • Mother fern


We mix and bag our custom potting soil by hand in our shop in Tacoma, WA. The bag you'll receive contains enough soil for approximately three plants in four inch pots. 

Expanded clay pebbles are a handy way to promote drainage at the bottom of an enclosed pot or vase. You'll receive a Fernseed branded bag of clay pebbles with enough to complete the project... and then some!

You'll receive enough activated charcoal to complete the project. Activated charcoal helps reduce mold growth that occurs in enclosed environments. 


We'll follow up with a link to the DIY video tutorial after purchase so you can pot along at home with the experts!


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