Modern Minimal Metal Hoop Plant Hanger

Modern Minimal Metal Hoop Plant Hanger

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This minimal, modern plant hanger looks great on an empty wall, filling vertical space in your living area. Ideal for small spaces, outdoor living areas — anywhere you want to fill with plant friends! For indoor or outdoor use. 

by Norwegian Wood


Angie discovered a vintage version of this plant hanger while thrifting in her home town. Having never seen anything like it, she decided to bring it back to market by tracking down an L.A.-based metalsmith who welds custom lampshade frames. The two now partner to manufacture Angie's redesigned version of this classic piece.


It makes an inexpensive garden center houseplant look like a work of art.


Materials: Weatherproof powder coated stainless steel, natural rope, brass ring


  • Hangs from 37" long natural color rope
  • Outer circle diameter: 18"
  • Plant holder diameter: 7.5"

Small batch manufactured in Los Angeles.


Can I use this outside?

Yes, but after a while you may want to replace the rope, as it will degrade (similar to a clothesline). The brass ring detail will oxidize as well, but can be removed or replaced without harm to the product.

What plant pots should I use?

You can use any pot with a base diameter smaller than 7.5" and top diameter larger than 7.5" so it slides into the plant holder ring easily and stays in place. A basic terra cotta pot works great, as pictured.

How do I water plants in this hanger? 

If your pots have drainage holes, stick a bowl or tray underneath your plant hanger while watering indoors to catch the drainage. You can also use a pot with no drainage holes if you choose a well-draining soil.