Hand holding a long unrooted Golden pothos cutting in front of a pink background

Golden Pothos Cutting

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Sometimes called Devil's Ivy, Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a robust vining plant with golden variegation on deep green leaves. It is a generous grower and an excellent first plant to propagate from cuttings.

When you receive your Golden pothos cutting, remove it from the packaging immediately.

Un-rooted cuttings should be placed in a glass or jar of water as soon as possible. Make sure that nodes (the spot where the leaf meets the stem and aerial roots form) are below the level of the water, and place in bright, indirect light. Change and refresh water 2-3 times per week.

Allow roots to become several inches long and well established before transferring to well drained potting soil. This may take anywhere from several weeks to several months depending on season, conditions, and what type of plant you are propagating.

Rooted cuttings may be planted into soil immediately, or may live happily in water for several weeks.

Light + temperature
Bright, indirect light. Maintain indoor temperatures of 65-85° F

Toxic to cats and dogs.