Calendelabra tree (Euphorbia Ingens)

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The Candelabra tree (Euphorbia Ingens) is a succulent-like tree indigenous to the high, rocky plateaus of southern Africa. This plant is an easy-to-care-for statement piece which will add personality to any room. The Candelabra tree is also known as the tree euphorbia, good luck cactus, cactus euphorbia, or the cowboy cactus. 


Light + temperature

The Candelabra tree requires abundant, bright, direct light year-round. 

Maintain indoor temperatures of 65-84° F

Water requirements

Avoid over-watering. The Euphorbia Ingens prefers well-draining rocky soil, and needs to dry out entirely between waterings. Water monthly during the summertime, and water only once every 6-8 weeks during the cooler months. 


Toxic to pets. All Euphorbia can exude a white sap that is an extreme irritant. If sap gets on your hands, wash thoroughly with soap and water and avoid touching eyes or mouth.

Care tips

Ensure that your Calendelabra tree is never watered more than once per month, and that it is able to have exposure to light year-round. 

Common issues

What do I do if I notice a brown, soggy spot forming on my Euphorbia?

Not to worry! Just reduce your watering schedule and you shouldn't see any more brown spots forming. Make sure that your plant is living in a well-draining, rocky potting soil mix, and in a pot with a drainage hole. 

Origin + Shipping

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