Eight without stand

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A premium, high-fired stoneware planter that is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and hand finished with custom formulated matte glaze. 

Sized to fit plastic grow pots with extra room for drainage, this ceramic pot is completely waterproof and doesn't have a drain hole. It won't leak on your furniture or floors.

by Revival Ceramics by LBE Design


Several years ago, Veronica and Jon Denne realized they couldn't find a large ceramic planter for indoor plants that was made from high quality ceramic and didn't have needless embellishments. Inspired by the mid-century designs of the past, the two decided to quit their corporate jobs to embark on the mission to design and manufacture the pots themselves.


Each Revival pot is designed to snugly fit plastic grow pots of their same diameter. This is great for two reasons: plants get better drainage this way, and they're easier to move around as you can still separate the plant from the pot to move it across a room.


Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 7.5" pot diameter
  • 6.3" height
Designed in San Diego, California
Ceramic pot made in China