Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus

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The Easter Cactus is closely related to (and often confused with) the Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus. These tropical cacti require more moisture and less direct sunlight than their desert relatives, and are known for their stunning seasonal blooms. 


Light + temperature

Bright indirect light. Does not need direct sun.

Temperature: 65 - 80°F

Water requirements

Allow top inch of soil to dry in between watering.


Toxic to pets.

Care tips

Once the cactus becomes larger you will want to re-pot, this cactus is meant to fall over and start to trail out in its pot as it continues growth. These plants are passed down from generation to generation so they are very hardy!

Common issues

Under ideal growing conditions, the cactus should re-bloom around the same season every year, however, that is not always the case. Keeping the cactus in bright indirect light and being mindful of watering should help the yearly bloom. 

Origin + Shipping

All our plants are grown in Florida, California, Canada, or Hawaii, and comply with all phytosanitary and quarantine regulations.

Plants are expertly packed by our team and shipped in plastic grow pots to ensure the least amount of damage during shipping. Heat packs are automatically included when plants are shipped to cold climates.