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Chartreuse Dot Canvas Planter

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Brighten up your desk or window ledge with these modern, minimal canvas planters. This fabric pot fits over a 3" (diameter) x 2 1/2" (tall) standard plastic pot. The pots are block printed on natural color organic cotton canvas and lined with the same fabric.

Perfect for low-water succulent or cactus plants, these little containers can also keep office supplies, cosmetics, keys, jewelry, and craft supplies organized. 

by Gray Green Goods


Jane Cuthbertson's spent a part of her childhood in Japan, which fostered her appreciation for simple, beautifully crafted things. Her career in graphic design led her to further cultivate her love of textiles, paper, paint, and ink. The products Jane creates are inspired by her travels in West Africa, Egypt, China, Europe, and Scandinavia. 


You can save yourself the hassle and expense of repotting plants by using this canvas sleeve as a decorative cachepot. 


Materials: Fabric is organic, 100% pre-washed cotton canvas

Dimensions: Approx. 3" (diameter) x 2 1/2" (tall)

Handmade in Boston

PLEASE NOTE: Block printing is done by hand, and there may be slight variation from pot to pot.


Can I water plants while they're inside the planter?

Not recommended unless you use a drainage tray inside the canvas. Our recommendation: use low-water plants that only have to be watered once/month or so, and move them to the sink for a thorough soaking (and drying!) before returning them to their fabric pots.