Alocasia Morocco

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Alocasia Morocco has a similar shield-like leaf shape to its relatives Alocasia Ebony and Alocasia Polly, but with one major difference! Alocasia Morocco has blush pink stems and lighter green leaves. Native to Southeast Asia, this gorgeous plant is truly something special. 


Light + temperature

Medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight. 65 - 85°F

Water requirements

Keep soil moist but not wet. Prefers distilled water (cannot tolerate fluoride). Soil must be allowed to drain well. Prefers high humidity.


Toxic to pets.

Care tips

Alocasias are sensitive to over watering. Ensure your plant is on a steady watering schedule and is inside a pot with proper drainage. 

Common issues

Why did my Alocasia leaves turn yellow?

Not to worry! Just reduce your watering schedule, let the soil dry a bit more in between watering and cut back the yellowing leaves. 

Origin + Shipping

All our plants are grown domestically in the United States in Florida, California, or Hawaii, and comply with all phytosanitary and quarantine regulations.

Plants are expertly packed by our team and shipped in plastic grow pots to ensure the least amount of damage during shipping. Heat packs are automatically included when plants are shipped to cold climates.