LIMBO Watering Can

LIMBO Watering Can

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This is a highly functional, beautiful watering can that works both for both indoor and outdoor plants. Made from a functional acrylic and stainless steel, this high-capacity watering can makes it easy to water lots of plants at once while preventing overwatering and spills. Available in two color options.

by Blomus


Blomus is a German design and metal fabrication shop that started out in industrial fabrication in 1921 under the name SKS Sundern. After the war, the company refocused their product line on homewares, and in 2010 they refined their process and product line to reflect a commitment to good design. Blomus products have received numerous design awards throughout Europe and the Americas.


With its long pour spout, this can makes it easy to get right to the base of indoor plants with long foliage, so you can water without dripping inside. 


Materials: Polished stainless steel and composite

Capacity: 1.5 liter (50 ounces)


  • Spout is 12 1/4'' long and 1/2'' diameter
  • Fill opening is 2 1/4''
  • 13 3/4'' x 4'' x 10 1/2''
Designed in Germany, manufactured in China