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Large Tabletop Ceramic Planter with Saucer

Large Tabletop Ceramic Planter with Saucer

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Adorable, compact, and minimal, these ceramic tabletop planters perfectly fit 2" and 3" potted plants and look great featuring succulents, cacti, peperomia, and little plants of all sorts. Each pot features a drainage hole and separate saucer and are stamped on the underside by the maker.

by Little Fire Ceramics


Little Fire Ceramics is a Midwest-based company run by artist Jessica Egan. Combining her passion for ceramics, plants, and contemporary home goods, Egan designs planters, vases, mugs, and more, rotating her collection seasonally. Her interest in clean, form-focused designs and eye for detail lead to pieces that fit into any collection and are perfect for the minimalist at heart.


Jessica's small tabletop planters make the perfect handmade gifts paired with a small plant.


Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 6 " diameter, 5" height

Handmade in Chicago, Illinois by Jessica Egan