Zig Zag Cactus Cutting

Zig Zag Cactus Cutting

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Zig zag cacti (selenicereus anthonyanus) are an incredibly unique tropical flowering cactus indigenous to Mexico and South America. This plant is easy to propagate from a cutting, and grows roots quickly in water. The zig zag cactus is also known as "orchid cactus", "rick rack cactus", "ric rac cactus", "fishbone cactus", "moonlight cactus", and "Saint Anthony's ric rac", because they are known for their fishbone shape and beautiful, rare flowers.


When you receive your zig zag cactus cutting, remove it from the packaging immediately. 

Zig zag cacti cuttings require slightly different care than philodendrons, pothos, and succulents. Their care is more similar to that of orchids and other epiphytic plants. We recommend starting with a peat moss and soil mixture, using a ratio of 30% peat moss and 70% well-draining soil, such as our Fernseed Potting Mix. If peat moss is not available, you may substitute with orchid bark, bark chips, or an orchid potting medium. 

Carefully tuck the rooted portion of your new zig zag cactus into the potting mix, careful to avoid packing the soil too tight. Compacted soil prevents your zig zag cactus from developing a healthy root system, as they require airflow to their roots in order to thrive.

Within the next several weeks, your zig zag cactus' roots will begin to grow into the soil as it adapts to its new home. 


Light + temperature

Your new selenicereus anthonyanus needs diffused, filtered light in order to thrive. Low-light conditions are ideal, make sure to avoid bright, direct light. In nature, epiphytes do not survive in the direct sunlight. 

Maintain indoor temperatures of 65-85° F

Water requirements

Once potted, zig zag cactus like their soil to dry out entirely a bit between watering. The zig zag cactus also enjoys some humidity, so you can spray its "leaves" with room temperature water every few days.  


Toxic to pets. Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has ingested this plant.

Care tips

Your zig zag cactus will grow long, cascading fishbone vines. These beautiful vines will grow rapidly in the warmer months, and slower in the wintertime. Cut back on watering your zig zag cactus during the winter when weather tends to be cooler and the soil dries out at a slower rate. Fertilize once or twice yearly, in early springtime and in early summer.