Plant Along at Home Kit - DIY Cactus Bowl

Plant Along at Home Kit - DIY Cactus Bowl

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Plant along with us! Shipped anywhere in the United States, Plant Alongs are a fun and educational activity that will brighten your home and can live for years to come.

This kit contains everything you need to create your own stylish desert cactus bowl, plus all the tips and tricks to succeed. Once you purchase, we'll follow up with a link to our DIY Plant Along video tutorial so you can plant along at home with help from experienced Fernseed staff!


Each kit includes a selection of three small cacti that will look beautiful together. These plants are easy to care for as long as are given plenty of light and allowed to dry completely in between waterings.

Your cactus varieties may include:

  • Purple flowering cactus (Notocactus uebelmannianus)
  • Scarlet crown cactus (Notocactus haselbergii)
  • Toothpick cactus (Stetsonia coryne)
  • Mini Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia)
  • Bunny ears cactus (Opuntia microdasys)
  • Bristle brush cactus (Mammillaria pilcayensis)
  • Dominos cactus (Echinopsis subdenudatum)
  • Mammillaria albilanata cactus

Note, we are not able to ship plants to Alaska or Hawaii. If you live in one of these states you may choose the option "Does not include plants" and complete the project with your choice of plants from your home state.


We will be potting into a sustainably made EcoForms Eco Bowl, with coordinating saucer. These pots are made from renewable grain fibers, in a facility that is 100% solar powered, and with delivery trucks which run entirely on bio-diesel. 

We mix and bag our custom cactus and succulent soil by hand in our shop in Tacoma, WA. The bag you'll receive contains enough soil for this project, with some left over. Bring your bag back into our shop for $1 refills for life!

You'll receive a bag of decorative gravel to sprinkle over the soil to create the perfect desert vibe.


This kit includes our selection of potting tools. We carefully chose only the most useful tools for potting small house plants - the same tools we use in the shop. No tiny rake or useless shovel here. Your tool kit will include a potting scoop, a fan brush, tweezers (because cactus) and a mini flat spade.

If you already have your own tools, you may select "Does not include tools".


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Sorry, we can't ship plants to Alaska or Hawaii. You may select "Does not contain plants" if you would like to do the project with your own plants.